The media and the public have demonstrated a continuing interest in New Orleans culture, economics, food, the city’s recovery, and small locally-owned businesses. Food trucks hit on all these important issues. The following are just some of the articles and news stories written about New Orleans Food Trucks. If you are a journalist and would like to interview us, or get in touch with some local mobile food vendors, please contact us here.


Louisiana Eats Radio Show with Poppy Tooker, 8/15/2012: Why Don’t We Do it in the Road?

Wall Street Journal Article, 8/6/2012: Street Fight Is Brewing: Food Trucks Versus Restaurants

Invade NOLA Blog Post, 7/30/2012: PHOTOS: Let the Food Trucks Roll Recap

Eater NOLA Article, 7/25/2012: Vendors Convene from All Corners of New Orleans for the Food Truck Symposium

WDSU News Segment, 7/25/2012: Food truck operators want City Council to serve up new rules

Gambit Article, 7/25/2012: Food truck rally draws hundreds to Central City

Times Picayune Article, 7/24/2012: Food trucks rally to gain support for changing New Orleans laws

NOLA Defender Article, 7/23/2012: COALITION OF THE FILLING: New Orleans Food Trucks to Rally for Reform

WDSU News Segment, 7/24/2012: Food truck rally hopes to change business

WGNO ABC 26 News Segment, 7/24/2012: Food Trucks Take Over (for a night): N.O. Street Food Party Upstages Happy Hour

Gambit Article, 7/19/2012: Food truck rally next Tuesday

Eater NOLA Article, 6/26/2012: La Cocinita’s Rachel Billow sees a bright food truck future for New Orleans

WDSU Interview, 6/13/2012: New food truck group fights for vendors: A new ‘coalition’ is trying to ramp up support to break down restrictions on food trucks

Forbes Article, 6/12/2012 Why food trucks have it so tough in New Orleans:

The Atlantic Cities Article, 6/12/2012: Why it’s so hard to be a food truck in New Orleans

Interview on Fox 8 News, 6/8/2012 City food truck vendors organize a coalition

Eater NOLA Article, 5/29/2012: NOLA food truck operators planning to form a nonprofit caravan

Times Picayune Article, 5/27/2012: Food truck operators to form nonprofit organization

Eater NOLA Article, 5/18/2012: Food trucks hope to gain traction this summer

New York Times Institute Photojournalism Piece, 5/21/2012: Food trucks build a (very small) niche in New Orleans

Invade NOLA Article, 5/2/2012: New Orleans food trucks: The drive for deliciousness

Fox 8 News Piece, 4/11/2012: Food truck vendors file petition over city codes

Interview on WWLTV CBS News, 4/3/2012: New Orleans food truck operators asking city to ease up on rules

Eater NOLA Article, 3/29/2012: Food Truck Coalition Launches Internet Petition, to Lobby City Council on Improving Ordinances

Eater NOLA Article, 3/20/2012: Neighborland website getting into food truck advocacy

Gambit Article, 1/30/2012: What the Truck? Charles Maldonado on the latest food truck battles in City Hall and on the streets

Times Picayune Article, 1/29/2012: Food truck operators are hoping for change in city regulations


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