In Summer of 2013, the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition won a year long campaign to change the laws governing mobile food trucks in New Orleans. The following is a list of the laws that mobile food vendors must now abide by. Each city and parish in Louisiana has different laws and ordinances, and the following are for New Orleans, Orleans Parish only. The New Orleans Food Truck Coalition exists to provide support for food truck entrepreneurs – including marketing, promotion, legal resources, and participation in events, as well as a forum for camaraderie and collaboration among truck owners. There are memberships for operators of existing food trucks , as well as memberships for those who are considering starting a truck. Consider joining if you are committed to operating your food truck in New Orleans.

  • Starting January 1st, 2014, there will be 100 mobile food permits specifically allocated to food trucks in circulation. (Previously, there were 100 permits shared among all mobile vendors – including ice cream trucks, produce vendors, etc.). Currently permitted food trucks (~30 of the 100) will have the chance to renew their permits until February 1st, at which time lapsed permits will be available.
  • Mobile food vendors are allowed to park in a spot up to four hours in a single day. Meters must be fed if parking in a metered spot.
  • There are no proximity restrictions against food trucks parking near restaurants.
  • Mobile food vendors still cannot park in the French Quarter or the riverside half of the Central Business District, bound by Rampart to the West, Esplanade to the North, the River to the East, and Howard to the South.
  • Mobile vendors may not play music audible outside of the truck.
  • Mobile vendors must carry general liability insurance coverage of at least $500,000 with the City of New Orleans named as additional insured.
  • Mobile vendors must maintain a trash can outside of the truck during service, and must remove all trash, including cigarette butts within 50 feet of the truck before leaving a parking spot.
  • Mobile vendors must be registered in the State of Louisiana.
  • During Jazz Fest, mobile food vendors cannot park in the area of the Fair Grounds, bound by Florida Avenue to the north, North Broad to the east, Esplanade to the south, and Bayou St. John to the west.
  • During Mardi Gras, there is a separate permitting process, with designated spots along the parade route that are determined based on a lottery.
  • For full text of the new ordinance, contact the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition at

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