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New trucks being added all the time!

The new permits added in January have allowed new food trucks to take to the streets of New Orleans.  The New Orleans Food Truck Coalition is growing! Check out the Trucks Page regularly for updates! If you are a food truck interested in joining, contact

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Announcing Food Truck Tuesdays: A CBD Roundup Every Tuesday

Friends, we’re pleased announce that we’re building on our success last Tuesday, with a food truck roundup every Tuesday, starting this Tuesday from 11-2 Different food trucks will serve  in different parts of the CBD every Tuesday. Locations will change each week with trucks reserving meter spaces in the heart of the CBD.  The following […]

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NOLA Food Trucks

New Food Truck Laws for New Orleans Pass! (Take 2)

As many of you know, the food truck law that passed in April was vetoed by Mayor Landrieu.  Much handwringing ensued. However, last month, the Mayor came through with his own proposal, which passed City Council unanimously.  Highlights include: —-Starting soon, food trucks will be allowed into the CBD on the lakeside of Rampart St. […]

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February 4th City Council Meeting Recap

Thank you to all those who attended today’s Economic Development Committee meeting to show your support for NOLA food trucks!  For those of you who were unable to attend, here is a brief summary of the meeting. The next steps in this process are unclear at this juncture, but rest assured we will continue to […]

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Central City Food Truck Festival: SUCCESS!

Last Thursday’s Central City Food Truck Festival was a HUGE success!  Thanks for coming out to show your support for these delicious food options in our city!  While we don’t have an official count, it’s estimated that there were at least 700 people in attendance!  Events like these are an important way to show City officials […]

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Want to Start a Food Truck?

The members of the NOFTC are working to improve conditions for food trucks and other mobile food vendors in New Orleans, and a big part of that process is making it easier for new trucks to start their businesses. So we’ve compiled some information on how to start your truck. We’ve been working with city […]

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Hurricane Isaac

NOLA Food Trucks Help Bring Hot Food to New Orleans Post-Isaac

With limited access to power, gas, water, ice, and other basic necessities, New Orleanians have had a rough several days in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. More and more restaurants are opening as power is restored to more neighborhoods. But several food trucks have been running continuously since the storm. Taceaux Loceaux, Frencheeze, Empanada Intifada, […]

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Food Truck Recipes Featured in Corporate Realty’s “Taking it to the Streets” Mailers

Interested in trying to cook some of your favorite local food truck dishes at home?  Check out Corporate Realty’s 2012 “Taking it to the Streets” mailers!  Also available online, the real estate group has collected photographs and recipes from various NOLA food trucks.  Corporate Realty explains: “Real estate is our business, but food is our […]

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Street Fare Derby SPOTLIGHT: Crepes A La Cart

C’est manifique! Who doesn’t love crepes? Folded into neat triangles or squares to be eaten out of hand, they are the perfect grab and go street food. Crepes A La Cart provides classic crepes such as Ham and Cheese, or even their version of Crepes Suzette. Specialty crepes may include Chicken Courdon Rouge, the Crescent […]

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Street Fare Derby SPOTLIGHT: The Fry Bar

Our last post on The Fry Bar was one of our very first, so it is due time for an update, especially since they now have a new name, logo, Facebook page and Twitter handle. You can still enjoy The Fry Bar’s original Parmesan, Garlic and Rosemary- garlic is sliced horizontally, then placed in the […]

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