New NOLA Food Truck App Launches November 12th With Lunch and Launch Party in the CBD!

We are so excited to announce the brand spanking new New Orleans Food Trucks app – which we hope will revolutionize how you find and interact with your favorite food trucks! The app will let you find food trucks through a real-time map, allowing app users to get the most up to date information on where their favorite food trucks are. The app will also provide lots of other additional information on your favorite food trucks (photos below).

Our fantastic web developer at Apptitude has also created a second app that is being released the same day for Premium Parking. This app will let you reserve a spot in advance, pay for, receive expiration warnings (no more $90 boot removal fees!), and extend your parking session in Premium Parking lots. All that is needed is your credit card info to pay through the app.

 To celebrate the simultaneous launch of these two awesome apps, there will be a launch party on 408 Camp Street (at Camp and Poydras) from 11:00-2:30 on November 12! In exchange for downloading the free apps, users can enter a raffle for an Apple TV, a parking contract from Premium Parking, as well as several gift certificates to various food trucks! Additionally, the following food trucks will be at the party serving their best dishes! You can find information about these trucks under the ‘Eat’ section of our homepage.

1. Crepes a la Carte
2. Empanada Intifada
3. Food Drunk
4. Grilling Shilling
5. La Cocinita
6. NOLA Girl
7. The Nola Truck
8. Velvet to Geaux
9. We Dat Food Truck
10. Ye Olde Kettle Corn

We hope and expect that the launch of these apps will make it easier on our customers to find quick and accurate information on the locations of all of the trucks in the coalition. Not only will this party kick off and celebrate these new applications, but it will also be the first of a series of upcoming events to highlight the new food truck laws that were passed this summer.  Stay tuned for details.  We hope that you can all attend, download the apps, try out some new food and will want to come back for more! See y’all there!

Additional Info

Additional Info

Real-time Map.

Real-time Map.

You can search for trucks.

You can search for trucks.




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2 Responses to “New NOLA Food Truck App Launches November 12th With Lunch and Launch Party in the CBD!”

  1. GMB
    November 18, 2013 at 7:32 PM #

    IPhone only? LMFAO! Android user?? Frankly ur just not hipster enough to eat at NOLA food trucks… should have got an isheep phone.

    • Taylor Jackson
      November 18, 2013 at 8:04 PM #

      android version is in production now – should be done in early january