New Food Truck Laws for New Orleans Pass! (Take 2)

As many of you know, the food truck law that passed in April was vetoed by Mayor Landrieu.  Much handwringing ensued.

However, last month, the Mayor came through with his own proposal, which passed City Council unanimously.  Highlights include: —-Starting soon, food trucks will be allowed into the CBD on the lakeside of Rampart St.

-We’ll also be allowed to apply for semi-permanent spaces on the riverside of Rampart.

-Also, the 600 foot rule from restaurants has finally been recognized as archaic protectionism, and has been abolished entirely.

-The outrageous 45 minute limit on stops has been extended to 4 hours.

We’re happy and thankful and proud and looking forward to food trucks being able to build on New Orleans culture – which has always been a place where people enjoy themselves on the streets and sidewalks.



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