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The City Council has given us some of what we’ve asked for. Unfortunately, they’ve also added several new,  more restrictive provisions. Based on emails obtained from the city council members themselves, support for food trucks outweighs opposition by a 3:1 ratio, so it’s clear that special interests or heavy hitters are more persuasive to some city council members.

A final vote on food trucks may happen April 18. Details on where we stand and ways you can help support New Orleans food trucks are below.

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What we’ve asked for:

  • Access to the Central Business District
  • An increase on the 100 permit limit (includes ice cream trucks, Lucky Dogs, and fresh fruit vendors)
  • Elimination or reduction of the 600 foot restaurant protection zone

The Current Proposal

  • Access to the area between North Rampart and I-10. The rest of the CBD is still off-limits.
  • 75 new food truck permits, which will expire after 1 year
  • A 100 foot restaurant protection zone (rumor has it that the Louisiana Restaurant Association is pushing a certain council member for 300 feet).

Additional Restrictions Added by the City Council. We do not support these:

  • Bathroom access within 300 feet of a truck
  • A prohibition on serving in residentially-zoned neighborhoods. This include a ban on serving in front of some neighborhood bars, like Pal’s and Vaughn’s, and serving near the Loyola and Tulane campuses.

Changes we support:

  • Trucks must provide a trash can and pick up trash around their truck before they move.
  • Trucks must have at least $500,000 in general commercial liability insurance.

What we’re asking for

First, we’d like to eliminate or reform the current bathroom proposal. We’re adults, and we can find a sanitary spot to pee without the government telling us how to do it.

Second, we do not want to serve customers in front of your house. But we do want to serve you in front of your corner bar. We don’t mind being banned from some residential neighborhoods, but we’d like access to higher-density residential areas (the University, Bywater neighborhoods, and along St. Charles).

How you can help: Email the City Council

Here are the emails for the city council and their staff. Please let them know how you feel about the current proposal:

We’re supported by the public, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, deli’s, and plenty of venues throughout the city. Thank you for your support as we work to create fair food truck law reform.

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