Next Food Truck Round-Up: Friday, April 26th!


Next Food Truck Round-Up in the CBD!


When:  Friday, April 26th, 11 AM-3 PM

Where:  Carondelet & Common

Featuring:  Foodie Call, La Cocinita, NOLA Girl, & Empanada Intifada

Brought to You by:  My House, Southern Food & Beverage Museum, Wisznia, & Merchant Cafe

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One Response to “Next Food Truck Round-Up: Friday, April 26th!”

  1. Gerry Klenert
    April 23, 2013 at 5:56 PM #


    I am Gerry Klenert and I own a “mobile knife sharpening” business here in NOLA,
    which I call “Blade Runner”. I travel daily to all areas of the city calling on
    restaurants to service their knives, sharpening and repairs.

    I will attend the Food Truck Roundup on Friday and attempt to meet as many of you
    as I can without interfering with your purpose for being there.

    Thank you and best of luck to all,