New Food Truck Laws Pass!

City Council Passes New Food Truck Laws!

NOLA Food Trucks

After months of discussions, compromises, revisions, and amendments, we have finally made some progress! Here is a summary of the set of ordinances that passed today, with the help of Council Members James Gray, LaToya Cantrell, and especially Stacy Head:

1) An additional 75 permits for food trucks
2) The ability to park in one location for up to 4 hours
3) A decreased restaurant proximity restriction, from 600 to 200 feet (only during the restaurant’s business hours, and can be waived with written permission from the restaurant)
4) Access to the BioMedical District and the rest of the area between Rampart and Claiborne, and Howard and Esplanade

1) A 100% increase in permit fees
2) A requirement that trucks provide trash receptacles and pick up truck-related litter
3) A requirement that trucks carry a minimum of $500,000 in general liability insurance
4) A requirement that permit numbers be posted visibly on the exterior of all trucks

1) A requirement that trucks have written documentation of restroom access within 300 feet of the truck (unless there are not public or commercial restrooms in the area, which is an exemption aimed at allowing food trucks to serve in food desert areas of the city)

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