Food Trucks Need Your Help!

423104_566980649996838_503351916_nPlease Help: As New Orleans City Council gets ready to review and decide revised Ordinances that will make it more fair, equitable and less restrictive to operate food trucks in the city, we need your immediate help.

If you care about supporting small business development, neighborhood revitalization, and access to quality, affordable food cart and other mobile foods in New Orleans, please take a moment to read and sign THIS PETITION. Show New Orleans City Council you want food trucks in our city. The petition will be used to show City Council and other decision makers that New Orleanians love their food trucks and they love supporting small businesses and food entrepreneurs. The more people who sign, the more support we can demonstrate.

We know from careful studies of other cities such as Jackson, Miss; Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas, New York City and beyond that food trucks and bricks and mortar restaurants can not only live side-by side,  they help each other thrive – something that benefits neighborhoods of all kinds. We know that Food Trucks are inspected and just as safe as restaurants. With good, fair and best practice Ordinances like the ones coming before City Council soon,  we can all coexist and work together to keep New Orleans moving forward.

Food Trucks are Good For New Orleans. It’s time to change our food truck laws. Please Help.







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