Central City Food Truck Festival: SUCCESS!


Last Thursday’s Central City Food Truck Festival was a HUGE success!  Thanks for coming out to show your support for these delicious food options in our city!  While we don’t have an official count, it’s estimated that there were at least 700 people in attendance!  Events like these are an important way to show City officials that there is a strong desire for a stronger food truck culture here in New Orleans.  It’s also important for neighborhood revitalization, as we demonstrate that the Oretha Castle Haley Commercial Corridor has great potential for vibrancy and lively social activity.

In addition to showcasing some of the delicious food these trucks offer, the festival also offered an opportunity for stakeholders to gather before-hand to discuss the specifics of the ordinances up for revision.  This meeting took place just two days after our presentation for the City Council at the Economic Development Committee meeting, so we’re building up some exciting momentum.  The next step in the process is to start a working group with these interested parties in order to continue this dialogue in a more detailed manner.  This is an important step in this collaborative process, which will hopefully help educate people on all perspectives of each issue and avoid unforeseen complications in passing our proposed ordinances, once they are developed and solidified.  Stacy Head has announced that her goal is to finalize these new ordinances by the end of the year, and we are hopeful and optimistic that, working together, we will succeed in adhering to that timeline.

Thanks again for coming out last week to show your support for our trucks and our cause.  Stay tuned for info on upcoming rallies and festivities that are currently in the works…  Until then, you can find us every Tuesday at the weekly Food Truck Round-Up from 5-9 PM on the 1600 Block of O.C. Haley!

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