Street Fare Derby SPOTLIGHT: The Burrito Juke Joint

The Burrito Juke Joint is a bit of an enigma due to their roving locations and ever changing menu, but is worth the hunt once you find it. Also known by the name The Burrito Speakeasy, this spiffy truck has been setting up every Friday night on a lot in the Bayou St. John neighborhood off of N. Broad Street for several months now. They can also be spotted on occasion at places such as Bacchanal Wines in the Bywater, private parties, and music and other events around town.

Much more than your average stuffed soft tortillas, the Burrito Juke Joint serves up some tasty and innovative vittles in their burritos such as Ginger Chicken, Caramelized Cauliflower with Toasted Almonds and Fresh Herbs, and meats with traditional Mexican Mole sauce, Korean and other flavors. Other items such as Nachos, Quesadillas, Asian Noodle Bowls, and Fresh Squeezed Juices round out the offerings.

But this isn’t just the adult version of an amateur lemonade stand! Aiji Daste and Juba Kali are the mastermind chefs and owners behind The Burrito Juke Joint with some pretty serious culinary credentials including a college degree in food science, and stints at well known restaurants, and Kali was also a finalist on the TV program The Next Food Network Star. These dudes know how to elevate the Burrito to star status!

Music + art are a big component to the Juke Joint’s philosophy. You’ll often find outdoor movie showings, local fashion shows, art openings, bands, and DJ’s along with your food. It’s always a big party when the Juke Joint is in play.

Food is always fresh and healthy here, and vegetarian and vegan offerings are always available.

The Burrito Juke Joint is pure culinary creativity, with a wallop of  gourmet quality. Visit them at the Street Fare Derby on September 24th at the Fair Grounds! Buy tickets online in advance and save $5.



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