Street Fare Derby SPOTLIGHT: La Cocinita

A Street Fare Derby Exclusive! This is the first time ever to try, La Cocinita, which literally translates to “The Little Kitchen”. They will be previewing their soon-to-be-open mobile restaurant for the first time at the Street Fare Derby. Set to open in October, La Conchita is making fresh, authentic, gourmet street food from Latin America.

Along with Tacos, La Cocinita will be serving items such as Arepas (Baked White Cornmeal Patties Stuffed with Meat & Cheese), Patacones (Crispy Smashed Green Plantain Sandwich Stuffed with Meat & Cheese), and Rice Bowls. The concept is simple but allows for infinite combinations. You chose your basic vessel (taco, arepas, patacones, salad,or rice bowl) then choose toppings such as carne asada grilled steak, grilled seasoned chicken, or black beans and seasoned veggies. Then add condiments avocado, eggs, and other choices. Cheeses, and a huge variety of salsas and sauces make this a true “you can have it your way” dining experience.

The brainchild of Rachel Billow and Benoit Angulo, La Cocinita states,

The build-your-own theme of our menu allows people to customize their meals in order to suit all preferences and tastes. We are excited to bring the flavors of Latin American street food to the streets of New Orleans!

La Cocinita will not be open until October, but for now follow them on Twitter, @LaCocinita or on Facebook at La Cocinita Food Truck. They also do catering through their sister restaurant, Baru. See you at the the Street Fare Derby on September 24th at the Fair Grounds! Buy tickets online in advance and save $5.



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2 Responses to “Street Fare Derby SPOTLIGHT: La Cocinita”

  1. L S →
    September 29, 2011 at 7:36 PM #

    U should come to the courthouse in Covington la at 701 n Columbia street 70433. Parking is at a premium and no one leaves because the parking lot is being redone when u get back there is no where to park. U would do really well. Huge place with lots of employees.

  2. NolaGyrl →
    February 17, 2012 at 7:45 PM #

    The Carne Asade rice bowl had me buying one going in Le Bon temps and coming out….and I’m hoping I can find them again today. My new fav!!!